Firstly, Thank you for somehow ending up here, in the ramblings of my brain and within the events that make up my life. Hi, I’m Tori an 18-year old currently residing in Australia but dreaming of the world. I decided to start this blog as a means to document my 485979679th attempt at redefining my diet and hopefully my life in the process.

I read somewhere that keeping a food journal helped progress so in a crazy, over-inflated and very public way, this is mine. In sharing my diet, recipes and ramblings with you, the internet, it also gives me proof of my progress to look back on when it gets tough or it feels like I’m not going anywhere.

Now I’ve always been active but after a year long hiatus during my Higher School Certificate my lack of exercise and comfort/stress eating has taken its toll. A month ago I joined my local gym to take back control and it has been going fantastically, however I’m not seeing the results or progress I want because of my love of all things sweet and bad for you. Expect A LOT of clean treats and desserts on this blog. 

So, here I am, ready and willing to make this work this time around. Starting today… 


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